Android App Development

Did you know? During the last quarter of 2016, 432 million smartphones are sold across the world. Out of these, 352 million (81.7%) are Android and 77 million (17.9%) are iOS based, both making a combined 99.6% of global smartphone sales during the Q4 of 2016.

Many industry folks say, you should first prefer developing an Android app because...

  • Android phones & tablets are everywhere, so you can reach a larger scope of audience.
  • Easy to develop, update & maintain, as compared to the complexity of iOS.
  • Play Store, the official marketplace for Android apps, is growing rapidly than ever.

Today 'Smartphone' is synonymous with 'Android phone'

Smartphones, especially Android phones are everywhere. They're used by millions of people every day to locate, research and contact businesses or brands just like yours. An Android app for your business helps you not only stay connected to your existing customers but also reach more potential customers.

Industry insights

  • The recent report from Gartner, a global research firm, says that, by 2017, mobile apps will be downloaded more than 268 billion times, generating revenue of more than $77 billion.
  • Report - Google's Android and Apple's iOS are the two most popular smartphone operating systems in the industry. In 2016 alone, nearly 1.5 billion smartphones with either Android or iOS operating systems were sold to end users worldwide. Android, with 80 percent of all smartphones sales, leads the market.

Image Source: Richard Goodwin

Android App? Ask Focaloid.

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