1.8 Million Words is the value of one minute of video, according to Dr. James McQuivey of Forrester Research. To win investors for that Brilliant idea, win customers for that Amazing Service, win Personalities to Partner your cause and to power up most of your Creativeness efficiently and effectively what you inevitably require is an exclusive explainer video.

Explainer videos can attract, convey information effectively and convince any audience simultaneously in less than 2 min.

What We Offer

Ideate with you – mean we sit and discuss your idea with you and provide ideas to enhance the same.

Consultancy in improving product idea – we will offer you our piece of experienced knowledge in enhancing your idea to a professional level.

Create HD quality Explainer videos with Professional Voice-Over (Standard video duration – 1 min)

Digital/Graphical Screen creation of your Products/Services/Idea

Customized script creation – Script used in the video will be one customized according to your requirement.

Create presentable mock up screens of your Product/Idea

See how we did it for Moverlab

Promotion highlights not just your new offerings, rather it also highlights your brand, your overall quality and dedication to provide effective solutions to customers. The 1-2 min promotional videos is vital to succeed in today’s online market because it features your informative promotion content as well as sufficient supporting portfolio of past works and offerings in one single attractive video. Promotional videos will characterize your content, attract attention and actively advertise your brand.

More and more people prefer listening to the content than reading the same now a days. With provision to include Infographics and Professional Voice-Over, Promotional videos is sure to appeal effectively and represent your Brand rightly to your target audience. Moreover such video promotions enable potential customers to rightly understand their need and relate better with your brand leading to cost-effective sure sales.



  • High Quality commercial video including company images
  • Features the portfolio of your past products/services
  • Professional American / British accent voice over
  • Royalty free background music
  • HD & MPEG-4 format
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See how we did it for Zook Bluetooth Speaker

Understand your need

Solution corresponding to your need and capturing well your requirements is supreme. With the advancement in technology we definitely have many easy accessible sources to know about our clients, their market, competitors, etc. But we can understand your specific need only when you describe to us your point of focus and specifically why you need this solution and What purpose you wish to fulfill with an animation video.

Understand market scenario and customer background

This step is vital in creating need-oriented animation characters and scenarios for the video. Understanding of target customer background, their likes & dislikes, scenarios they are likely to face in their daily professional/personal life, usual animation scenarios used by competitors, etc., enable us to better design and develop an exclusive and effective animation video for you.

Create a storyboard

A storyboard is a means of pre-visualizing the final video. It takes the form of illustrations or images displayed in the sequence as it would be in the ultimate motion video. Storyboard enables to share well, your vision and thereby make production of the actual video easier and less time consuming.

Discuss and fix the animation characters and scenario

This step helps us to put forth our ideas in line with your requirements. Also enables us to discuss with you more and understand your idea of the animation characters presenting your business.

Finalise the design

Designs here cover the entire 1 min video and how you want it to look like. Our effort is to give you the best and so any alterations is welcomed. It is going to be your video for your business growth and we are glad to be instrumental in making it big for YOU.

Finalise the script for voice over

Script for voice over is important to effectively communicate your business, product/service, benefits of your offerings, etc. We will develop an initial script, which you can finalise or edit to suit your business best.

Develop high quality 1 min explainer video with professional voice over

In today’s era with introduction of many video editor and mixing tools, creating videos has become easy. But what many high quality videos lack and fail to take note of is the poor voice over that spoils the actual effect. Here we focus on developing high quality HD 720 (1280×720) or Full HD 1080 (1920×1080) video with professional male/female voice over.


Why Us

We are Qualified professionals dedicated to bring out only QUALITY in everything we do. We have to our credit, excellent portfolio of products ranging from user-friendly mobile apps to business enhancing e-commerce apps. Above all we have the Experiential Knowledge on product development and modification to share with you.

We are very Creative and Design-oriented Professionals at work and this has drawn us to step into development of marketing videos.

In 2 years time of our humble beginning as a Technology Solutions provider company we have associated with various brands like IBM, Deloitte, Axis Bank, HCL, etc. to name a few. More importantly we relate with you and understand your barriers being a startup.

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