What is Artificial Intelligence ?

AI enables to create intelligent machines that think, react and perform tasks like humans. With enhanced AI capabilities, new age machines are equipped to find answers to business challenges with high precision and at lightning fast speed.
AI comes with an unprecedented capability that encompasses everything from real-time customer interaction to virtual predictive and diagnostic applications. Many businesses across the globe are adopting artificial intelligence technology in a bid to increase operational efficiency, grow revenue, reduce operational costs and enhance customer experience.

AI-Pushing the limits of innovation

“IDC predicts a 50.1 percent compound annual growth rate for global spending on AI, reaching $57.6 billion by the year 2021”
Artificial Intelligence technology is evolving today’s machines that just complete tasks into tomorrow’s machines that think, learn and adapt. Extending human capabilities, AI creates machines that comprehend and act to provide freedom from error-prone and mundane tasks. The breakthrough abilities of AI to think and learn and even detect sentiment are equipping organizations to create experiences that are more human.

How Artificial Intelligence is reinventing business models?

Businesses need to harness AI capabilities to sustain and succeed in this dystopian perception of the future. The streamlining of the AI bandwagon at breakneck speed and the innumerable benefits associated with it are indicative that businesses should switch to AI.

  • Offer personalized experience to customers
  • Provide real-time assistance to customers
  • Obtain business insights from cloud databases
  • Incorporate automation in business
  • Make smarter decisions with business insights
  • Streamline sales efforts by anticipating outcome
  • Enhance business efficiency with minimized mundane tasks
  • Easy identification of sales opportunities to increase revenue

Our Artificial Intelligence Solutions

  • Natural Language Processing
    Our Natural Language Processing service enables machines to analyze speech and text to uncover insights from structured and unstructured data and understand sentiment and emotion with unprecedented accuracy and speed. We empower brands to offer next-generation digital experience that is highly interactive, contextual and refreshingly human.
  • Chatbots and Virtual Agents
    Provide extensive support as well as great customer experience with highly advanced AI-powered chatbots and virtual agents, which deliver contextual and personalized customer conversations.
  • Adaptive Intelligent Apps
    Derive better business results at minimal cost and effort with our adaptive intelligence apps. The apps are cloud-based and are capable of adapting to artificial intelligence and machine learning in real-time.
  • Knowledge Virtualization
    Make the right business decisions using reliable databases with our robust knowledge virtualization systems powered by Artificial Intelligence.
  • Decision Management
    Simplify and automate your crucial business decisions with our AI-powered Decision Management solutions. Reliable algorithmic and predictive systems help drive accurate decisions.
  • AI Strategy
    Achieve your desired business goals with our intelligent AI strategy. We create end to end roadmap for your AI strategy and also help you integrate the same with your business model.
  • Predictive Analytics
    Our Predictive Analytics solutions provide crucial insights required to foresee developments, respond to challenges proactively, and harness future trends. It helps businesses analyze the entire customer lifecycle and develop better marketing strategies, product pricing, inventory management and offer better customer service.
  • AI Design and Delivery
    We have the expertise and experience to offer AI Design and Delivery solutions across different business models. The AI solutions can also be implemented into existing systems.

Why Focaloid?

  • Established in 2012, Focaloid has developed more than 150 mobile apps in just five years.
  • Apps developed by Focaloid have an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 on Apple AppStore & Google Playstore.
  • Apps developed by Focaloid have already crossed 1 million downloads and counting.
  • 97% of the projects delivered by Focaloid are a grand success.
  • 99% of Focaloid's clients are happy customers.

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