9 Web Design Trends In 2015


Website Designing is the first task you need to do to proceed with your online business. Your business website is the face of your business and speak volumes about the quality, integrity and capabilities of your business. Visitors judge your business based on the design, navigation ease and content in your website. Thus, when you create your exclusive Responsive Website Design, be sure to understand well your business and analyse the popular trends in Web Designs to ensure proper and efficient use of design elements in your website.

1. Flat Design : is gaining popularity and is sure to be a trend for the year 2016 as well. Flat design is a web design style that uses minimal, simple and essential elements, typography and colours. It primarily highlights simplicity and focus on compressing the website to enable faster loading of the website.


2. Micro Interactions : indicate the attractive creative elements on websites that encourage and enhance interaction on the static websites. During website development inclusion of creative and micro elements like signup pop-up, rating forms, etc., increases engagement levels and make your website more user-friendly.

3. Card Design : is a rectangular shaped interactive website element that is gaining popularity in web designing. Pinterest is the best reference you can have for card design. In pinterest each pin is displayed as a card with the image, description and options to interact with each card (i.e. Like, share, comment,Pin it, etc.)

4. Scrolling over Clicking : this is one trend that is widely accepted and evident in every website designed during 2015. Most websites follow scrolling than dividing content into separate pages that force browsers to perform multiple clicks and wait for page to load. Scrolling is way better than clicking mainly because it enhances the flow of reading, it enables quick browsing through entire content, completely support the new generation mobile browsing and increase the performance of your website.

5. Hero Images :
The single big image that cover the screen when you click a website link is termed as Hero Image. In most websites this is gaining a strong foothold and plain images, animated images as well as videos is set as Hero image in websites according to relevance and requirement. In many travel booking sites, you might have seen a beautiful scenic image coming up when you click the link. This hero image attract your sight and engage you into looking through the whole site and the offers.

6. Typography : The overall impact of a website is enhanced by using the right and most suiting typography. The hero image, microinteractions, flat design and all used in designing your website will fail to create the desired spark if you use an outdated and poor typography. With the growing techniques of creating unique and exceptional digital experiences, wide options like large headline font, handwritten and brush stroke fonts, etc is being offered by Google.


7. Split Screen : promotes efficient use of space and enhance the loading speed of your website. As the name suggests this design element is used to split or differentiate matters like the various services provided by you, the different departments functioning in your company, etc., within the website. In split screen the effect is created by the colour contrast and the style used to create it.

8. Hidden Menus : Hidden menu is also known as collapsible menu or hamburger icon. In this the main menu is hidden from the visitors and becomes visible only when they click on the hidden menu icon. Use of hamburger icon will enable you to design and develop a clean and highly-functional website especially when you have a long list of top-level menu items.

9. Ghost/hollow buttons : Unlike hidden menus, Ghost/hollow buttons is visible and can be spotted when viewed with care. Most call-to-action buttons on websites now are ghost buttons and require the attention of the visitor to read and understand. It will be a simple outline on a background image and few text written within it.


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