The Need

School counseling is an integral part of the education system in US. But the students and their parents were exhausted by meager college-counseling resources at their children’s local high schools and private-counseling services that are too expensive for their budgets. According to Evolv, “the Independent Education Consultants Association has found that 26% of high-achieving high school seniors nationwide typically hire independent counselors, paying on average about $4,000. Meanwhile, the ratio of students per high school counselor is skyrocketing, as high as one counselor to 1,000 students in some schools in California, for example.” So Evolv turned to Focaloid to create a technology that can help school counselors and students with the college admission process.

Focaloid team got up to speed and took 2,136 man-hours to meet the client requirements and developed the new Evolv.ng Mobile App. It enables school counselors to give personalized college admission guidance to students on their phones, get real time data on student progress and increase student success. The Evolv App added huge value to the time-pressed High School Counselors, allowing them to focus on the personalized guidance their students need for their college applications.


Focaloid’s Solution

Working closely with the client, Focaloid build a Personalized Counseling App, that is simple, Free, easy to use and intuitive. Evolving App enables Students to chat on their phones and get Career Guidance from Student Counselors on a one-to-one level. The Counselors can assign tasks to the students, get real time data on student progress and increase student success, while students can select tasks like current, done or postpone against each assigned task. Evolv.ng help students to get alarm based calendar reminders for efficient completion of tasks like project submission, revision tests etc.

The Evolv App is designed in such a way to help student-users to select Optimal testing schedules, plan campus visits, choose schools appropriate for their test scores and GPA, write essays, get recommendations, complete the Common Application, prepare for interviews and apply for financial aid. The app also “curates and brings the most relevant college admissions resources” to students when they need them and breaks steps up into short timed tasks, so students aren’t overwhelmed as they work on larger assignments, such as the selection of schools to apply to or college essays. The new App is accurate, easy to train and dramatically improves performance & satisfaction of Students and School Counselors alike! Over 8% of US schools have chosen evolv.ng, since its launch in summer of 2015.

The Results

  • Improved Student & Counselor satisfaction
  • A successful app securing venture funding
  • Counselors at highly competitive schools such as Saratoga High School in Saratoga, California; community schools like Lighthouse Community Charter High School in Oakland, Calif; and nonprofit groups like College Advising Corps have recommended Evolv to their students.
  • Evolv.ng raised an Angel Round in 2015.
  • We have customers in every US state and over 8% of US schools have chosen evolv.ng. We also have customers in various other countries including UK, Canada, China, South Korea and India.

What We Delivered

  • A stable app with highest standards
  • UI/UX that is easily navigable and usable for students
  • Supporting large number of Android Screen densities
  • An app to which features can be easily added in the future


About Focaloid

Focaloid® builds apps people love! Since 2012, we have had successful association with big brands like IBM, Deloitte, HCL, Axis Mutual Funds, VEST Inc., Varroc etc. for whom we have developed over 250 apps, being used by millions of people around the world. We focus on delivering value added technology solutions, user engaging designs; building customer-centric applications, enterprise mobile applications in order to provide cost effective solutions with an unwavering passion for quality.


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