CMS Solutions

Content Management System (CMS) is a software application meant for digital content management activities such as content creation, editing, updating, deleting, storing, organizing, processing, retrieving etc. Depending upon the nature of content that we deal with, there are different types of CMS solutions like Web CMS, Mobile CMS, Enterprise CMS, Component CMS etc.


Some general uses of a CMS are as follows.

  • Publishing, editing & updating
  • Grouping/classification
  • Organized storage/retrieval
  • Effective processing
  • User friendly
  • Managing links
  • Customer management
  • Admin management
  • Managing multiple websites

Our "Game plan" for your Growth

A game is primarily won not just by the efficiency of the team, but by the effectiveness of the game plan. A well planned process can help effectively handle the changes and change the entire course of the game. Our game plan for CMS solutions is linked to your business growth and we analyse your requirements as well as the online opportunities when we develop you a solution. We execute our pre planned stages of approach to the end CMS solution focusing on delivering you high quality and flexible web framework to operate and advance to greater heights via online.

Focaloid’s captivating solutions

Focaloid’s team of professionals helps you in building cost effective, customized CMS solutions that provide a wide range of features, manage heavy traffic effortlessly with promising performance and flexibility. Also, advanced components that can be incorporated with our CMS solutions include SEO optimization, speedy publication and distribution of content etc. Our optimum use of resources can support you in getting increased reach, user engagement, best customer service experience with a ‘big save in time and money’ which yields tangible results.

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