Make sure to test your application on different operating systems, with various browsers and versions at different connecting speeds. Compatibility testing uses certain tools and methodologies to identify bottlenecks and issues in the application and make it more efficient to give the best user experience to the customers.

Need of compatibility testing for Web Apps

If the website or application fails to load properly on some browser, users blame the website or the web application but could not identify the issue with the browser or the operating system. So we must ensure to take every effort to test the website or app works fine and perfect with all the browsers, operating systems and mobile platforms.

While there are many sorts of compatibility tests that can be run, it’s best to be on the areas specific to your needs. If the application is meant for the mobile users, then you need to focus on mobile operating systems and models. If the application is used for computer use, then you would be doing operating system compatibility tests. Most of the common compatibility issues these days are related to browsers and mobile responsiveness.

Focaloid Takes Care of Your App Testing

Focaloid constantly keeps up in pace with all the new changes and innovations in the IT space. We have a team of key individuals and necessary software, hardware, data storages and servers to put your web application/website to the test for compatibility with all the possible environments to give a consistent positive experience to all the users.