Ecommerce Solutions

Buying or selling online is what we think about Ecommerce. It may sound simple but there are a plethora of technologies integrated and well connected business processes behind every Ecommerce transaction. They include web technologies, electronic (wire) funds transfer, internet marketing, online transaction processing, inventory management, automated data collection and data interchange, supply chain management, logistics etc.


Why Do You Need An Ecommerce Solution?

More importantly, Ecommerce is not just about buying and selling online but to improve customer awareness about products and services, create a healthy market competition. Ecommerce helps businesses communicate with their customers instantly at anyplace and transact anytime. Manufacturers can directly reach their customers and sell their products at competitive prices by eliminating the traditional distribution hassles like wholesalers, stockists, distributors, retailers etc.

Rapid Growth of Ecommerce in India

  • Reports During 2016, Ecommerce in India grew by a stunning 129% and also the market is expected to continue its significant growth at least by 76% in 2017.
  • India Brand Equity Foundation Reports As compared to 13% in 2015, Ecommerce and financial services are projected to lead the growth with a share of digital payment transactions increasing by 30-40% of all transactions by 2020.
  • Govt of India's Ecommerce ProjectionsThe government has projected that Indian digital economy will surpass USD 1 trillion by 2022 from around USD 450 billion digital economy at present. Telecom and Ecommerce are projected to grow to USD 150 billion each.

Focaloid - Proven Hero of Ecommerce Solutions

We, folks @ Focaloid, don't sleep until we give you the best Ecommerce solution. And we have been building great Ecommerce solutions ever since we have started. Focaloid has already developed a bunch of industry's most successful and popular Ecommerce solutions, both small and big. Our superior solutions, KartRocket, HealthMate, Alisary, Xpress Laundry are to name a few. We believe in making the finest; and we believe in growing your business in a wholesome manner.

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