Engineering design services


Engineering Design Services

At Focaloid, we ensure to provide our clients with cutting-edge business solutions that meet global standards. Backed by a team of experienced professionals, our team assists in the creation, development and modification of technical drawings for a wide range of industries. Our engineering design team can transform your project and investment into competitive products.

We follow a very powerful and efficient method of project implementation by providing quality mechanical design services with fast turnaround time.

Enriched with vast industry expertise, our team comprises of skilled engineers equipped with latest technologies to provide concise solutions to customers. Keeping our customer requirements in mind, we cater to the needs of industries ranging from healthcare,agriculture, consumer goods, machinery etc.

We understand the project needs of our clients and strive to provide seamless execution of projects in a timely and efficient manner. We are your one stop solution for different fields of design and engineering services such as:

Mechanical CAD Drafting

Using technology based CAD tools, our team creates 2D drawings, assembly drawings, service manuals that adhere to industry standards.

  • Generating CAD drawings for existing drawings
  • Generating Assembly drawings
  • Disassembly sequence drawings for service manuals
  • Manufacturing Drawings
  • Dedicated resource till the completion of project

From start to finish, our in-house engineering team can manage even the most complex project to help you get it done right. We understand that it’s more than just equipment. It’s also a highly complex operating system of people and processes needed to optimize performance.

  • Updating Design changes in CAD as per requirement
  • Updating all relevant documents required for release
  • Follow up with vendor for delivery
  • Dedicated resource for support as per the agreement

Our expertise in reverse engineering enables customers to explore design, reuse opportunities, product cost optimization by imposing dramatic design changes to improve the product characteristics. We can generate complete engineering details about the product such as geometric dimensions, 3D CAD models, assemblies, mechanism, material of construction, BOM and detailed manufacturing drawings.

  • Retrieving all dimensions of the product on-site / off-site
  • Creating CAD models with necessary improvements as per the requirement
  • Generating all necessary documents required for manufacturing / sourcing of components
  • Dedicated resource till completion of project