15 billion devices run on Java. #1 development platform. This says all about Java as why it is special and important. Java is widely used language to create Desktop Applications, Web Applications, Mobile Applications, Enterprise Applications, Embedded Systems, Scientific Applications, Smart cards, Gaming Applications and the list goes on.One important feature of Java is its bytecode that can be interpreted on any platform.

Java is object-oriented language and is simple to use. Java is very secure, robust, dynamic and high performance development platform. Java with its multiple features and facets enhances your business growth and potential to great levels.

More insights on Java

  • Simple and easy to understand and execute
  • Object- oriented
  • Protected and Secured
  • Effective
  • Robust and Scalable
  • Platform independent

Focaloid’s hands on Services on Java

  • Java web application development services
  • Java Mobile Applications
  • Custom Java development
  • Java website development
  • Java application programming
  • Java applet development
  • Java/J2EE Software Development
  • Java Maintenance and Support
  • Existing application maintenance and support services
  • Java content management system development
  • Java web API development
  • Responsive web development with the Java and JavaScript
  • Java Integration Services with PHP, ASP.NET, HTML5
  • Java application migration services
  • Enterprise Java Development
  • Java web services development

Our Proposition

  • Use of latest technologies and proven methodologies
  • High Quality Services
  • Consistent and Transparent Services
  • Customer centric engagement
  • End-to-end Secured Development and Affordable Services

Let’s Discuss

Focaloid hosts highly powerful Java professionals with extensive industry experience in developing robust and highly scalable Java applications across different verticals of businesses.

The whole point of any organization is to reduce the production costs and enhance the productivity. Focaloid’s team thinks in the similar lines and understand client’s requirements thoroughly at the very early stages and deliver high quality, precise and productive Java Development Solutions.