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Reach out to the customers across the globe with mobile backend as a service (MBaaS). Create great customer experiences knowing their interests and behaviour. Reduce your time, money and effort to market with cloud services, tools and DevOps designed for delivering mobile solutions.


Focus on giving the customers what they want so that they will be ready to buy it before you can sell it. Microsoft Azure e-commerce platform allows you to analyse customer behaviour and site traffic by which you can define special offers and create new products. Create customized shopping experiences with targeted content and offers and improve the feel good factor before, after, and at the point of sale. Design e-commerce purchasing experience which is easy and simple to navigate and make sure you are ready to handle every transaction smoothly. Get ready to handle more customers and more transactions and take the advantage of cloud economics by paying for what you use. Get the best of pre-built cloud services to create an e-commerce solution that enhances your sales.

SharePoint on Azure

Azure is the best option for your SharePoint workloads, be it development, testing, staging or disaster recovery purposes. Cut down and save on your infrastructural costs and scale up the potential by hosting your SharePoint farms in Azure.

Development and Test

Allow your development team to have more space to do their best to create great applications by using hassle free Azure development and testing tools that manages development efforts. Deliver the new features at cloud speed rather than taking months in creating them. Make your production environment run on cloud to get the precise view of your application behaviour in the real world even before its release.

Big data and Analytics

Arrive at best decisions and deliver better experiences by analysing and simplifying massive amounts of data in real time. The whole point is to get customer engagement, increased revenues and to lower your costs. Get your actions into that direction to deliver the best by using Microsoft azure cloud services.

Cloud migration

Capitalize on the use of cloud services to advance your goals. Make the Azure migration process help you identify the potential growth and difficulties in your business and to get ahead beyond the limitations of on –premises deployment. Speed up your digital transformation with comprehensive Azure migration process.

Backup and Archive

Simplify backup and data archiving with backup-as-a-service and hybrid storage solutions to restore data and applications more securely in the cloud. Improve your productivity and reduce the cost and complexity by extending your on-premises backup storage and solutions to the cloud and reduce the cost and complexity.

Disaster Recovery

We set up a plan to keep the business continuity going that includes disaster recovery without the expense of secondary infrastructure. We help you secure your data with leading protection offered by encryption features. Avid the cost of secondary datacenters and ensure that your applications work when you need them the most.

Be Sure With Microsoft Azure

    Turn your idea into a new app, reimagine an existing system or create a hybrid cloud application with confidence, no matter the platform or where you are on the journey to the cloud.

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