Node.js is widely used JavaScript runtime environment for many server-side solutions. Node.js will do exceptionally well while creating real time web applications. Node.js is one stop option if you are looking to build great APIs and streaming applications. Node.js is of great help in building fast and scalable network applications that can handle huge number of simultaneous connections with high throughput.

Focaloid Node.js Services

  • Customized Node.js Web development
  • Node.js Mobile App development
  • API Integration & Development
  • Node.js Web App development
  • Plug-ins Development
  • Node.js REST/JSON API
  • Node.js Maintenance and Support

Top features of Node.js

  • Scalable – Allows horizontal and vertical scaling for improved application performance.
  • Server Development – The build-in API allows you to create different types of servers like HTTP, TCP and DNS.
  • Lightweight – JavaScript executes both on the client and server sides and supports exchange of data, making it very lightweight.
  • Code reuse - Potential usage of code reusability on both sides of the stack.
  • Ideal for data-heavy websites – Node.js is a perfect choice for data-heavy websites and applications and it can handle traffic spikes very effectively.
  • Event-driven – The event driven non-blocking I/O server side JavaScript architecture is appropriate for real-time web applications.

Discover a whole world of development options with Focaloid. Our developers can build powerful and robust server-side applications for you in no time.

About Focaloid’s Node.js Developers

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