Oracle HCM


Global Human Resources

Oracle’s Global HR unified platform simplifies the complex workforce processes and makes it easy to navigate. Improve the productivity, workforce efficiency by balancing the people, process and technology using modern methods. Switch to Oracle HCM Cloud which is flexible and simple to get a consistent user experience for everyone in your organization.

Workforce Rewards

Adopt new strategies, programs and plans to reward the talented workforce and to retain them with your organization. Make sure the payroll management process to be accurate and efficient and in accordance with local payroll rules. Incorporate beneficial programs to the workforce that are in tune with your organization’s goals and objectives.

Workforce Management

Implement Modern Workforce Management systems to avoid inconsistencies in pay for employees, save time in administrative tasks, non-compliance with local and global regulations. Build a productive and cost-effective workforce by automating time track of the employees and managing to have a right labour mix available at right cost and time.

Work Life Solutions

Make your employees get to know about their work habits relative to their personal habits. Let your interest in your employees extend to outside interests, passions, skill sets. Oracle HCM tools can help employees build valuable relationships with their co-workers and also help employees reduce their stress levels and keep them physically fit.

Talent Management

Streamline employee onboarding process and reduce the time to hire talent. Enhance the performance of the employees with timely training sessions, and by having constant conversations on goals, review the progress. Modernize performance management and give your employees modern learning experience that is social and personalized for your business to drive the talent.

HCM for midsize

Give it a quick way to access HR information from any device to all your managers and employees. Incorporate flexible HR and unique benefits program. Deploy easy-to-use global system to provide a simple user experience with complete HR capabilities.

Focaloid Innovation in Oracle HCM

Enable innovation and growth with the Oracle HCM Cloud. Operate with speed, keep employees engaged and informed to foster customer impact, and adapt quickly to an agile business environment.

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