IBM Seller

Don’t use big words, they mean so little. Instead use small apps that make big difference

Sales is an inevitable part of any company and cracking it requires timely access to material information and clarity in solutions presented. The SELLER APP focuses on simplifying your selling experience by enabling users to hold action-oriented presentations rather than convenience-oriented ones.


  • User Management – helps manage user-profile details and password management.
  • Main Categories – Understanding marketing transformation and Understanding the customer.
  • Understanding marketing transformation – enables the seller using this app to learn ‘what do CMO want?’, The client eco-system, ‘What benefits do CMOs get?’ and overview of solutions.
  • Understanding the customer – helps the user with Customer analytics, Social media analytics, Big Data platform and scenario options, to better understand and actively engage their customers into finding apt business solutions.
  • Solution Finder – provides access to category-specific detailed solutions for enhanced seller performance.
  • Poll and Feedback option – drives the user-engagement and helps gather responses directly from the app.
Category Mobile