“Handbook For Employees” Company Handbook On Mobile Enable Employees To Read, Refer & Reflect On The Go.

Employees engage when they are encouraged to do so. Knowledge about the company and its offerings is the key to the success of any company. Maersk Procurement­Process App is an app developed exclusively for the employees of Maersk and contains the entire company handbook information. This app has enabled employees to access, read and refer to company process and skill set informations on the go by just a soft tap.


  • Process: displays all informations related to the processes followed by the company. Employees can view the process in flowchart format and even view details of each step followed in the process.
  • Skills: primarily includes two sections ­ Behavioural Skills and Functional Skills. Employees can develop their desired skill set by reading and understanding the information provided in the company handbook app.
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