“A Smart Way to Hassle Free Parking” No Waiting. No Reversing. only Parking In.

Waiting time is equal to wasting time especially when you have smart alternatives to reduce/eliminate the waiting time. Most people nowadays think twice and thrice before they plan to take their car to go out, not due to lack of parking lots but because they are not properly directed to the free parking lots. Proper direction and pre­booking of a parking slot is sure to make hanging out more fun and hassle­free. Plonk app lets users select a venue and confirm their parking lot before they start travelling towards the selected venue. With the PayTm wallet facility, payment for parking also becomes convenient.


  • Add Vehicle: enables users to create a virtual presence of their registered vehicle by filling in details like car company name, vehicle model, vehicle type and registration number.
  • Choose Parking Lots: users can easily type in their desired venue and select a free parking slot in that venue in advance.
  • Favorites: helps users to add a parking lot to their favorites list, so that booking of a parking slot in the same venue a second time become easy.
  • Parking Lot Details: displays the remaining available parking lots in a venue and the location details.
  • My Plans: showcases all the pre­entered parking pay plans of the users. The parking plans showcased in this would mostly be parking places visited frequently by the user and user can activate the plan according to his/her plan during the week.
  • Parking Details: showcases details like parking venue, parking slot number, parking duration, rate per hour, etc.
  • Parking Exit: displays the total time used by the user, the entry and exit time and the total cost incurred by the user. When the user make the payment the exit screen becomes green, else it turns yellow and the parking venue is prompted to collect the parking charges.
  • Parking History: showcases all the previous parking transactions made by the user.
  • PayTm Wallet: enables users to make payments easily. Users can easily add amount into their PayTm wallet using their debit/credit card directly from the app.
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