Qatar Together

You and Me are unique creations of God, which somewhere rings on the fact that God intends from us unity, not uniformity. In our societies, we all work for so much uniformity that we destroy our uniqueness and struggle to stay united. Qatar Together website is designed with a vision to create harmony among the different parts of the Qatari Society. This website is designed to elegantly display its cause and raise immediate attention and support.


  • Home – displays testimonials of various Qatari on their take on life and experiences. It even puts the following sections of the website in a nutshell.
  • About Us – focuses on educating viewers about the vision, mission and existence of such a website.
  • Stories – enables viewers to read articles on people and organisations in Qatar.
  • Events – is the space to look for various interesting events happening in Qatar.
  • Champions – broadcasts the Qatari people who excels in various events organised.
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