“To Buy & Sell Your Kind Of Knitted Fabrics” Comfort Resides Within Measures Of Quality Fabrics

Every business today with the App culture have triumphed over their two major party spoilers ­ Accessibility and Availability. Today with apps, businesses can easily analyse and anticipate their orders and make items available. Also customers can access the brand of their choice at the time convenient for them just by a tap on their handheld smartphone. Rehaan Overseas app is a digital solution developed exclusively to present the product and services of Lucky Group of Industries in a more customer­friendly and smart way. Lucky Group deals in manufacturing, exporting and supplying of knitted fabrics meant for Fashion industry, Mosquito nets, Shoe clothe, etc., since 1977.


  • Products: displays all the products and services provided by Lucky Group in detail.
  • Machines: showcases the latest and popular second hand state­of­the­art machinery used in Warp Knitting industry, available with the company.
  • Direct Order: enables regular customers of Lucky Group to place their order directly without wasting time browsing and searching through the products list.
  • News: focuses on educating and creating awareness among users about the new developments like latest technology, most popular fabrics, procedural changes, etc.,
    happening in the Warp Knitting industry
  • Contact Us: enables users to easily contact the company at any point of time and for any required support.
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