“Simple Linguistic Programme App” Play More. Learn Better

Every child is special. However some specially abled kids change their learning disability into their greatest strength by killing disability with their attitude. The SLP App is developed saluting such brave kids and offering them a platform to enhance their linguistic learning using lively quiz game rounds. Quizzing is the base of this learning app and the specially challenged children can learn about a particular object displayed on the screen using various property dimensions like visual display of the object, category the object belongs to, function of the object, etc. Based on the performance of the kid in all the quiz rounds, a final report card is developed and displayed to the user.


  • Settings: includes the overall settings of the app and includes features like sound on/off, set the number of questions for the game, prompt for In­app purchase of full version of the app, etc.
  • Select / Add Player: pops up when the user click Play button. While adding a new player the user is prompted to enter the name and select a predefined avatar from a set of avatars saved in the device.
  • Select Category: enables users to select one of the six category type like function, use, location, etc., before proceeding with the game.
  • Game Page: is the real activity area and this page is set based on the selected settings, number of players and category type selected.
  • Receptive / Expressive: helps user to answer the question in the mode of his/her choice. In receptive mode of answering, the user has to choose the right answer from the given four options. In expressive mode, the user has to express the answer in his/her own words and the teacher will verify the answer by ticking YES/NO/MAYBE.
  • Report Card: showcases the result of the game played. The report card will contain details like category wise responses and the total of the list of students participated in the game.
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