Inside everybody lives an unique artist and so every click you make definitely has an unique creativity and style of its own. You don’t believe so, well then create, upload, share and know it for yourself through SNAPSTREE. Snapstree focuses on creating a forum for you and me to create and securely share photo albums and videos with friends and relatives. It also helps to discover and experience live streaming of events.The main idea behind Snapstree is a free site which is clean, simple and easy to use.


  • Snapstree Walkway – is the online photo gallery. It enables experienced as well as starters and people who take up photography just as a hobby to create stylish photo web albums with a couple of clicks. It provides users a personal space to store their photos and share it public or private as desired. Also this site enables proper management of photos uploaded and enables ad­free viewing of photos by all.
  • Snapstree Live – is the live video streaming section which enables users to broadcast an event in real time to their selected audience over the internet. A simple webcam broadcast to a major music or sporting event can be streamed live without compromising on quality and time. You use your own webcam or a full production team, from marriages to new business launch can be broadcasted in real time, with crystal clear audio and high quality video through snapstree.
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