App Features

Quick Order

Enables regular/frequent customers who know by heart the code number/name of the product they require to directly place their order from the Menu bar. This feature help users to save time and directly go to cart.

My Order

Showcases the details of past orders, their status and other transactions of the user. When order status changes to confirmed,in-progress or delivered, it is simultaneously updated and users can get the exact status of their orders in this page.


All announcements the distributor wish to make is viewed here by the user. This helps distributors to notify delays of any sort to the retailers/customers immediately, communicate discount offer and arrival of new stock, etc.


Helps avoid typing errors. Moreover, users can conveniently search and select the exact product they require. The category or sub-category filters, direct users to the exact product they require and thus avoid any sort of search related mess.

Search Option

It is frequently observed that customers fail to remember the exact name of all the products, but remember the first few letters and the image. Thus, the auto suggested search option lets users find their product by typing the initial few letter of the product name. Users can also sort products by low to high price, popularity, etc.

My Cart

Displays all the products, quantity ordered and the total amount to be paid. Users can edit the order, if required and on confirmation proceed to pay. Orders placed can also be deleted, if required, by going to this page.

Product Display

Enables elegant display of products available with the distributor. The products displayed provides all required details like name of the product, product images, price and other details of each product.

Order Placement

Facilitates easy and smart online placement and processing of orders. Customers can easily search for a product and place orders through the respective product page.

Order Tracking

Displays updated and current status of the orders placed by individual retailers/customers. Users of the app can easily track the status of their order and the estimated time their order will be delivered to them.

Automatic Sync

Any updates relating to product availability, pricing, discount rates, etc., made in the admin is automatically updated across all user devices individually with the sync functionality. This feature help users to make cost-effective purchasing and enjoy some savings during offers.