App Features

List of Departments

Here it displays list of departments in the respective Hospital or Clinic. User just need to choose which department he/she need for availing the service.

List of Doctors

Displays all the Doctors corresponding to the particular department that can be availed by users. For Instance: if you select Orthopedic department, then all the Doctors will be elegantly listed down.

Book a Slot

Enables user to book their convenient time from a drop down and drive-in to avail the service during the slot booked. Thus saving time of both the parties involved in the service i.e. Service provider and Service beneficiary (user).

Chat out Queries

Users always try to get the maximum value of their money and so there is no end to the string of queries they tend to have during the service browsing stage. With this app, users can chat with the service executives and clarify all their queries at various stages immediately.

Smart Payment

No need to undergo any more mess of handling a handbag, searching for coins and gathering every penny you have to pay your bill. Use the app and smartly pay the exact bill amount using Debit/Credit card, Net Banking, PayPal, etc.

Track Booking Status

This status tracker notifies users immediately incase of delay in service booked or time changes in booking, if any. Thus, users can effectively manage their time and enjoy services booked without any delays on arrival.


All important notifications related to the Hospital and other relevant info on all or selected services is communicated to all users without delay via notifications.

Rate the Service

Customer rating help in providing better services in future. So after payment the users are requested to quickly rate the service on a five star rating scale.