General Features

Smart Product listing

Our Ecommerce app has Smart product listing based on self-imposed criteria that ease your product search and deliver a better shopping experience with improved search relevance. Our Product listing showcases multiple features like the Sort and filter option, ListView and GridView to easily list the products, product features with clear images, actual and discounted pricing, customer ratings, Add to Cart option, social sharing and Wishlist to save your desired product. These smart features enhance the user experience and offer more detailed information about a product without being taken to a new page.

Simple Ordering and Tracking

The Ecommerce app is intricately designed to simplify product ordering and tracking, making it exceptionally simple and outperforming for business' and consumers alike. Once an order is placed, the consumer gets the order confirmation through Email & SMS. Both the user and admin gets notified about the new order. The Order tracking gives the accurate and real-time info on details of the order, delivery and shipment, thereby minimizing the issues of loss or customers complaints.

Special Offers

Providing great discounts and offers is an effective tactic encouraging customers to spend more and increase your average order size. Our Ecommerce App consistently aims on improving your business by all possible means. The App Notification center alerts users with exciting offers, Gift Vouchers, Discount Coupons and Promo Codes. Users can claim these offers, unlocking great deals.

User Friendly

Feature rich, Intuitive, Stable and Easily navigable! These qualities make our Ecommerce app easy to use and provide a pleasurable experience for the users. The app delivers a responsive, simple and neat navigation, enabling effortless movement to the major sections of the app. The Translucent design of the app keep the users aware of exactly where they are in the app.


Our Ecommerce app is easily customizable to match your brand's look and feel. It's packed with features and advanced customization options and manages to avoid becoming too confusing. We can deliver an exclusive app for your business by adding powerful functionality to this and customize it by adding your logo, company name and tagline.

Product Suggestions and Reviews

The Ecommerce app gives individualized product recommendations based on Customer’s interests and their Shopping history. These product suggestions boost customer satisfaction. Each visitor gets a tailored and personalized shopping experience. Our app also allows you to add a customer review feature to your products, thereby growing your customer engagement and encouraging sales. Relevant, unbiased product reviews give potential customers authentic information about the product they are interested in purchasing.