App Features

Accurate Location Identification

This feature enable to accurately enter Customer location making the app display its nearest delivery locations.

Menu Listing

Our App gives us a superb view of its menu under each categories. Custmers just needs to click to view its details and add to cart.

Hastle free Ordering

Ordering is now so simple. We need to just click to enter quantity and checkout to order their favorite food.

Order Status

This helps the customer to track their order. Gives the user a better picture of their past order, its status etc.


This can be used to send informations about new offers, order status, payment etc. The customers are kept informed on the entire cycle.

Smart Payment

Our app has the best payment integration. Customer needs to just select the prefered payment option, fill their respective details and pay for their order.


Users can conveniently search and select the exact dish they are looking for or require. The category or sub-category filters, direct users to the exact Cuisine, Meals and Dishes they require and thus avoid any sort of search related mess. Auto suggested search option lets users find their favourite dishes by typing the initial few letter of the product name.

My Cart

Displays all the Orders placed, Quantity ordered and the total amount to be paid. Users can edit the order, if required and on confirmation proceed to pay. Orders placed can also be deleted, if required, by going to this page.

Rate the service

Finally customers can rate your service on a five star rating scale and communicate how satisfied they are with the food through the rating.