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Efficient Order Management

Our customisable Xpress laundro app creates the most engaging platform for your customers as well as the effectively convenient business management tool for your business. Order is one word including multiple functionalities like order placement, order confirmation, order processing and finally order delivery. In a traditional way, this takes several man hours and related costs. With Xpress app you can efficiently engage your existing resources and manage all the orders in real time. Managing orders via Xpress will ideally require effort and time of one staff at a time.


Status Update

The status or position of a placed order is the second most important concern following order placement by the customer. The order tracking feature enable users to effectively track their orders in real time. Also the updation of each order status help the business owner or manager to easily monitor the progress of each order and evaluate turnaround time, number of staff and other details related to successful delivery of each order.


User Friendly

Relatively large number of customers are smartphone users now and they make all major transactions via apps. Laundro being an integral party of all people living in metro cities, we understand that your brand always needs to be up for a smooth service. So we promise to customize for you a very user-friendly mobile app that will offer the best user experience to all your customers.


Easy Data Sync

Xpress is your smart investment mainly because of its sync functionality. Updates related to new order,successful completion and delivery of an order, receipt of payment and related details is automatically updated to all individual user devices and the main relevant fields related to each order in the main server also immediately gets updated with the sync functionality. This removes the need to fill data separately in different records/files.


Effective Offer Promotions

Xpress is coded to send notifications to customers immediately when discounts and offers is set and published by your company. Thus, this feature will enable you to successfully run all your offers. Also since the promotion message is delivered directly into customer smartphones, it is close to impossible for them to miss it. Rather notifications only push customers to dig for more and avail all your best laundro offers.



This Xpress Laundro app is easily configurable. We can develop upon this product and deliver an exclusive app for your business by adding additional features and setting the information display as desired by you throughout the app in considerably faster turnaround time. Also, you can custom design the app by adding your logo, company name and tagline.

" Laundro Notified. "

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