React Native

React Native is a javascript framework that is used to develop mobile applications in iOS and Android. Known for its 80% of the code reusability, Very cost effective, and a great time saver, React Native is much in demand and most happening thing in today’s times to build cross platform applications. React Native helps to reuse the common logic layer across the mobile, web and other operating systems. React Native component based structure gives more space to develop applications with more agility. One significant advantage for the businesses to expand the existing app is to simply add React Native UI components into your existing application’s code without having to overhaul it.

Our React Native Services

  • React Native Application Development
  • Mobile App Support, Maintenance and Upgrading
  • Server-Side APIs for Mobile
  • Minimum Viable Product
  • Application Integration with Enterprise Solution

Why React Native

  • Efficiency – To beat the inefficiency and slow in deployment of native apps, React Native is the best replacement to bring in high speed, responsiveness, and best user experience in the hybrid space.
  • APP UI - React’s declarative API makes it easier for users to predict and better understand your app UI.
  • React Native is UI - Focussed - React Native possesses highly responsive and powerful Interface, which reduces the load time and gives a smooth feel of the App.
  • Compatibility with third party Plug-ins - React Native allows integrating third party apps in your application. You can link up application with a native module by simply downloading a thirty party plugin offered by React.
  • Truly native - React Native enables to build truly native apps, by embracing native platforms. It allows your app to share the majority of codebase between platforms.
  • Declarative Style - Declarative programming reduces the possibility of bugs drastically

Let’s Discuss Further

Our Skillful design and development team can build tailor made React Native mobile applications for you at the most affordable and attractive costs.

Focaloid team of professional developers adopt the most innovative programming techniques to deliver the best suited client solutions using React Native.