Regression Testing

Regression test is done to see whether the application functions the same way as it was after making some changes to the applications such as adding the code to the existing code, configuration changes, enhancing the software. Regression test checks if the changes made to one part of the software will affect the other parts of the software or not.

This test also helps you in finding the newly added bugs if any in the process of adding new code to the existing code.

Process for Regression testing

  • Create a master plan that uses almost all the test cases that are part of Regression Test.
  • Add the new test cases that are created for newly implemented features

Techniques Used

Software maintenance is an active process that includes error corrections, optimization, deletion or modification of existing features, enhancements. These changes may bring in inconsistency in the system.

  • Retest all
  • Regression test selection
  • Prioritization of test cases

Test Cases

  • Test cases with frequent defects
  • Test cases that verify core features of the product
  • Test cases of the functionalities which has undergone in recent changes
  • Integration test cases
  • Successful test cases
  • Failure test cases

Focaloid's End-to-end Regression Testing Services

The QA team at Focaloid ensures risk-free regression testing with best-in-class scientific methods and algorithms in order to help businesses develop and maintain flawless software to their customers.

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