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Seek Focaloid’s help in implementing Salesforce business based solutions in your organization to unleash the full potential. We help you transform all your business processes to connect better with the customers, partners and employees.


    Build great sales teams that close deals like charm with a solution integrated with world’s leading CRM solution. Increase productivity, keep getting solid & relevant leads, and make great deals with our customized Salesforce integration suite


    With a wide range of Focaloid’s Solutions for Salesforce, you can develop your customer support teams for your bpo, call-centers, self-service portals etc. With more informed, responsive, proactive and flexible service solutions we help you understand and serve better to your customers’ needs.


    Every customer is unique and so is customer experience with your brand. Focaloid’s Solutions for Salesforce, exceed the expectation of every customer by providing a great onboarding journey, and interact by creating cross-channel personalised experiences such as the web, email, mobile, social, advertising, etc.


    From accessibility to availability, provide a wide variety of merchandise for all kinds of target audience with the help of Focaloid’s Solutions for Salesforce. Improve each and every aspect from shopping to fulfillment to customer service with the built-in predictive intelligence of our solutions.


    Apps are the direct channel to show, sell and promote your brand. Focaloid’s Solutions for Salesforce is what you need to build, manage and maintain your apps. Enjoy the peace of mind by launching your app and automate the app related tasks with the help of our solutions.


    Get the most comprehensive data metrics and dimensions of the customer information. With our Focaloid’s Solutions for Salesforce, you can collect, store, process, visualize, transform, join, split and unify different datasets from multiple sources for quicker and informed decisions.


    Establish relationships and build communities for maintaining great partnerships with your customers, employees, stakeholders for a smooth functioning of business. Focaloid’s Solutions for Salesforce help you build lasting partnerships and sustainable collaborative environments.


    Focaloid’s Solutions for Salesforce help you work with big data and transform complex data problems into actionable insights in order to connect the internet of things to Salesforce.

With Focaloid, Sell Smarter Using Salesforce.

Apps built by Focaloid on the Salesforce platform give you the fastest, most complete way to put your customers at the center of everything you do.

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