Security Testing

Security Testing refers to the various testing initiatives that are aimed at ensuring proper functionality of an application, evaluating various aspects of security covering authenticity, integrity, confidentiality, vulnerability. Security testing is meant to assess the vulnerability of the software in order to validate data integrity, intrusion attempts, and denial of data access.

Here's why you need a Security Testing for your business

  • Vulnerability Scanning - Is done to scan known vulnerabilities of the system using automated software.
  • Security Scan – Involves in identifying system and network weakness and provides solutions for reducing these risks.
  • Penetration testing – This testing involves checking potential vulnerabilities of a system to an external hacking.
  • Security Auditing – is done to inspect security flaws of an application and operating system.
  • Risk Assessment – This testing is to check low, medium and high security risks observed in the organization.
  • Ethical hacking – The intent of ethical hacking is to expose the security flaws in the system.

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