Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Social Media Marketing or SMM is all about effectively marketing and improving the perception of your brand on social networking sites like facebook, twitter, Google plus, etc. Social media is the most popular medium these days and people from different walks of life heavily depend on it to draw insights, build their network, nurture old and new relationships, etc. Every individual and every business with an online presence without fail have a facebook, twitter, linkedIn, Google Plus, pinterest and other relevant social accounts because it is your network that determines your networth. Social Media Marketing enables you to take your brand to a wider network of people with minimal cost, maintenance and effort.

At Focaloid Technologies, we ourselves being a company with presence in social media, we rightly understand the importance of strategic management of social media marketing. Creating presence in social media is very easy and simple due to which all of us end up creating accounts on social media. But it is important to understand that just creating a social account will not create business volume for your company. Social media marketing professionals at Focaloid Technologies effectively engage in understanding your social media activities, your audience, your business, etc., and accordingly plan various social media marketing strategies to enhance your social brand value.

The Process


Our Offering

Google +

  • Segmenting Circles
  • Joining & Interacting with Communities
  • Image & Video Sharing
  • Increasing Followers


  • Building Connections
  • Share Relevant Content
  • Community & Group Creation
  • Posting Questions
  • Manage Polls within Groups


  • Account Creation
  • Creating Pinterest Board & Pins
  • Repinning, Liking & Referring on Pinterest
  • Share Relevant Content
  • Invite Friends to Pinterest
  • Follow People on Pinterest
  • Add Pinterest to Blog
  • Add Pin it Button on Webpage
  • Pin Videos & Edit Pins
  • Create & Share Image