UX (User Experience)

The term ‘UX’ directly refers to the ‘User Experience’ of a product/service which acts a Key Performance Indicator (KPI) of modern day business. In fact, the ultimate goal of business is to make the users happy by providing them great brand experiences which will make them come again and again. Ultimately, this directly leads to the rocket speed growth of an organization. In order to facilitate a smooth user journey while using a product or service, a user experience (UX) designer has to put in a lot of attention to detail by solving numerous problems, and make things useful and easy for the users.

UI (User Interface)

The term ‘UI’ stands for ‘User Interface’; refers to the look and feel of a product or service. A user interface designer must have the ability to design the layout of a product’s interface, navigation between the pages or screens, creating visual designs like icons and buttons and thus giving a smooth look and feel of a product or service.

A UI designer must know the psychology of colours and combinations, typography, symmetry and consistency.

UX/UI Design

Be it a product or service that can be mobile app, website, any other tools or programs, it’s the UX/UI aspect that defines the whole fate of the product or service that you offer.

UX/UI Design Process and Phases

  • Discover
  • Brainstorming
  • Refine
  • Defining an idea gotten from discover phase and initiating a creative brief
  • Develop
  • Creating solutions or concepts, prototyping and testing
  • Delivery
  • Go live or Launch

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