UI/UX Design


Target Creativity that Users follow

New markets emerge, new products evolve, new strategies stem up, new employment posts pop­up, new add on services come live ­ all this and more happen focusing on the ultimate satisfaction of the growing USER population. Going by the AIDA rule of marketing even your well planned online business can go unnoticed if its design fails to capture user attention and its wireframing reduce smooth user navigation through the website. UI/UX Design is inevitable in initiating user attraction, holding user attention and leading user to action stage.

“USER” centered process chart to scale up your sales chart

  • Information Generation – is carried out to gather better insight into the needs and requirements of users. Sufficient information is collected through interviews, surveys,group discussions, expert opinions, competitive analysis and various other analytics.
  • Mapping – focuses on outlining the solution from the users point of view rather than a system’s engineer or business viewpoint.
  • Wireframing – creates a pilot design of the actual solution to better analyse the solution and frame a more experience enhancing system solution and design.
  • Solution Design – is the creation of the final design for the user­-centric web solution. It focuses on picking the best, high ­definition, colourful and specification suiting design from numerous variations to attract users into action.
  • Testing – includes usability testing, behaviour monitoring, A/B testing, etc, to come out with the most effective and response­ bearing UI/UX design.

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