Windows Phone development


Reach Digital Customers with Windows 8 Application Development

The Windows 8 operating system is Microsoft’s brand for mobile devices. It’s used on smartphones and tablets, using Microsoft tools to design, build, and roll out mobile applications. The Nokia Lumia is an example of a Windows 8 operating system that had good reception from customers for both the phone and the mobile capabilities. Focaloid is an India based company that collaborates with Microsoft and is a Microsoft BizSpark Plus startup business. Our Windows 8 application developers have Microsoft specific knowledge and know how to help you create the perfect mobile solutions for your business, especially if you’re trying to target customers with your brand.

GPS Development

With GPS mobile capabilities, you can track where your customers go and send location specific information via your application. With Windows 8 application development, the programmer can create a mobile app that sends your users location specific information. Maybe your users will benefit from a local weather forecast or directions to a nearby location. You can work with your developer to streamline the location capabilities of your app and determine exactly what you want to make available for certain geo locations.

Sharing Capabilities

The explosion of social media has changed the way Windows 8 application development companies think about mobile apps. The earliest apps didn’t have social media sharing capabilities because social media hadn’t become the marketing force it is today. Focaloid can help you integrate social media capabilities into your app so that users can immediately share information with other users, other apps, or social media sites. Focaloid developers use industry insight to create and implement mobile solutions that help take your business to the next level.

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