Windows Phone App Development

In the smartphones industry, if one believes in ‘quality is better than quantity’, Windows Phone is one good example for quality with 130,000 in-store Windows apps. This number may not be as huge as other platforms but you can see many useful apps in the Windows Store. Compared to Android and iOS, the market share of Windows Phone Apps could be less but Windows Phone means a lot to many professional users. Especially in B2B industries, Windows Phone usage is very high with the most number of committed active users.

Reaching the target audience is hassle free with Windows apps because the user engagement rates are very high. Also, the number of apps in Windows Store are less in number, which means there are less competitors for your app and marketing can be done easily.

Advantages of Windows Apps

  • Universal in nature which means one Windows app works on both desktop and mobile
  • Quality built phones with cool form factor
  • Consistent, minimalistic and elegant live tiles design
  • Work on a range of devices from basic to high end models with less or no lag.
  • Proudly boasts a comprehensive suite of Microsoft products & services like MS-Office, Outlook, Bing Search, Bing Maps, Windows Live Messenger, Microsoft Anti-Virus, One Drive, Skype, Xbox, One Note etc. on the Windows Phone.

For Your Windows Phone App, You Need Focaloid

We have professionally talented, well qualified technical teams well versed with Microsoft technologies. With quality skill-set and hands-on experience, our in-house team of developers can give their best for you by understanding your needs and build a fine crafted Windows app.

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