Xamarin is a well known and tool used for Cross Platform Mobile Applications Development. Xamarin’s ability to create native iOS, Android, Mac and Windows Apps using C# code base makes it a top contender in cross-platform development. One of the main features of Xamarin is its use of object oriented C#, A powerful multi tool language with rich framework, elements of functional programming. Xamarin does not need much of coding and the use of single language makes it error free. You can create dynamic applications with rich functionality and great quality.

Xamarin - A better choice

Native UI
  • Xamarin provides options to retain the native UIs across iOS, Android and Windows. This feature allows you to preserve the application’s performance and saves time while sharing the code base.
Integration with other mobile SDKs
  • Xamarin supports integration with different mobile SDKs.
Supports multiple devices
  • Xamarin supports all types of devices like mobile phones, tablets and wearable devices.
Facilitates testing
  • Xamarin Test Suite provides facility to test mobile application on real devices in the cloud.
Fast Development
  • Xamarin lets you develop applications very fast and is very cost effective that is available in the market.

Focaloid Xamarin Services

Xamarin Android Application Development

    Feel the native Android experience with Xamarin that is fully functional and cost-effective.

Xamarin iOS Application Development

    Build your applications and get uncompromised app experience with Xamarin.

Xamarin for Startups

    We offer cost-effective MVP and prototype solution. Launch your app quickly on both Android and iOS.

Xamarin Windows Application Development

    Make use of cross platform technology to build Universal Windows Platform (UWP) apps with minimal C# code base that are cost-effective.

Xamarin Consulting Services

    We help you with all possibilities of Xamarin consulting services, be it choosing between Xamarin Forms and Xamarin Native and provide you the right advice and guidance in accelerating mobile application development.

Xamarin for Enterprises

    Avail our complete end-to-end enterprise mobility solutions with Xamarin. Launch B2B, B2C, B2E apps with accelerated time to market using Xamarin.

Xamarin.Forms Application Development

    Create data entry apps, prototypes and POCs using Xamarin.

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