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7 steps of pre-planning mobile app development

28/09/2021 20mins
Ramesh Ch


7 Steps of Pre-Planning Mobile App Development

When the concept of mobile apps strikes you for the first time from there Mobile Apps development begins. From that, the app will pass through the different stages of evolution. A small point of view of diversion can make a huge change in the end. Pre-Planning will help for the very successful completion of the majestic App.

What is meant by Pre-Planning of  Mobile App Development?

We have a lot of basic questions regarding a mobile app  development so Pre-Planning will help to answer all those questions. What is the use of this App?, How it will run?, On what basis it will work? all these questions have come under Pre Planning.

Why does all say Pre-Planning is much more important?

Allocating tolerable time and effort for Pre-Planning will be the milestones of a perfect App development. It will be the bottom line feature of an App although it can create stunning turning point for the same. Fortunate Pre-Planning can make conceivable goals of an app and such kind of vision will pave the way to good challenger and more noticeable in the Market.

We have a lot of benefits for Pre-Planning app development process ,some are mentioned below

  • Productive Compact
  • Prime Vision
  • Adequate Transmission
  • Authentic Cost Calculation

Lack of Pre Planning causes the below

  • Lack of lucidity
  • Lack of Postponement
  • Additional Cost
  • Displeasure

How does RFP differs from Pre Planning?

Basically RFP is a document created to communicate the requirements of the App with the vendor. You must search and find the techniques of the app before filling an RFP it can avoid the confusion of the content.

Here are the 7 steps of Pre-Planning.

If you are going to develop an App then this Pre Planning will help you to make your App development successful.

  • Prepare to Summarize the description: Create a short description of your planned mobile App development proces. Reduce the sentences to short then it will be fine. This can make the app feature on a first look simply outspoken.
  • Be aware of the needs of the customers: This portion can make a radical change because only those who need only know what will need for their app. This can be drifting by different methods. Diagnose the primary users of your app. In accordance with the knowledge and characteristics of users, we can adopt many methods.Also, try to connect with them through social media.
  • Identify resembling Apps: Excepting that your app is entirely different and solitary. So that there is some incidental to get similar apps in the industry.We should analyze how they work. You can avenue this in different methods. Make the app more effective and elegant beyond the needs of the customer.
  • Analyze: Please analyze the app with a different couple of eyes.Analyzing is a valid method for innovative ideas of the App. select some set of people to check the quality of your App.By recommending different fields people can make a better results.Give chances to say suggestions about your App from the departments from marketing, Quality, and Customer Supportive.
  • List of Final Outputs: The introduction of your App can change by these four steps. Observance of all your research makes a final list of practicable and technical particularization. Prepare a bulleted list of things that ensures none of them missed out. Now, correlate the final points with the points you have at the beginning.
  • App Flow Charts: Making the flowcharts of the app will help the visualization of functionality and productivity inside the App. Flowcharts are useful to clarify the App with developers and vendors. you don’t need an incredible talent to create this simple flowchart.


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