Google Cloud VS AWS

28/09/2021 20mins
Phani Kumar S


It is certainly not a surprise that cloud computing has become so popular among enterprises of all sizes all over the globe. Nowadays, enterprises do not really struggle with server rooms on the premises.

Over the past decade, cloud services have become extremely popular because of their high level of reliability, security, and cost-efficiency. Nowadays, all the major industry providers are investing greatly in their global networking infrastructure and software along with hardware, in order to get enough market share. Because of this, there is an unparalleled performance which is greatly driving the competition. As a result of this, companies are constantly striving for innovation in order to stay ahead in the game.

When we talk about cloud computing services, we primarily refer to three of the biggest industry giants that include AWS, Google Cloud, and Azure. In this article, we compare the AWS and Google Cloud.

Before getting into the comparison, we must look at the latest trends in cloud computing. The cloud computing industry is quite an exciting market to look at. There are a number of interesting things that are happening.

For the most part, Amazon has been ruling the public cloud market. However, Google Cloud platform has had a growth of over 125% which is quite a nice growth. At the same time, other platforms such as Alibaba and Azure are also rapidly growing.

Google Cloud Platform 

Google Cloud

Essentially speaking, the Google Cloud platform is made up of a number of solutions and services that allow companies to utilize various solutions for their own products. These products may include Gmail and youtube.

The Compute Engine by Google was launched back in the year 2012. It then became popular in the year 2013 in the month of December. The biggest brands that make use of such services include Ubisoft, Apple, Philips, Landscapes, Coca-cola, Sony Music, and a lot more.

Amazon Web Services (AWS)


On the other hand, the Amazon Web Services is a sub-branch of the Amazon platform which entered into the cloud computing market in the year 2006. This is when it started providing its business to companies and individuals. Just like the Google Cloud platform, the Amazon Web Services platform offers a range of different solutions and services. There is no doubt that Amazon has set a number of standards in the cloud computing market that which are difficult to be met.

There is a range of different similarities that exist among the Google Cloud platform and the Amazon web services platform. Since they have over 50 products, all of them cannot really be covered in a single post. Hence, we have taken a generalized overview of both of these platforms.

Where Amazon makes use of Xen technology, the Google Cloud makes use of KVM technology. Both have different naming conventions which may be difficult to understand for many people. Where the Google Cloud system refers to these as machine types, the Amazon Web Services platform considers them as the instance types.


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