How 2019 treated the world’s most popular app – WhatsApp!

28/09/2021 20mins
Susan Margret Correya


WhatsApp has been on a roll this year. Bringing out a whole lot of amazing features to simplify communication, WhatsApp has made everyday personal and business interactions a lot more convenient.

This article lists some of the major updates and changes WhatsApp implemented and will launch in the near future to make communication more effective, re-establishing why it is the world’s favorite chat app.

1. The “Frequently forwarded” label

Frequently Forwarded

Source: Google images

Aiming to stop misinformation from spreading on its platform, WhatsApp has rolled out its latest feature – the “Frequently forwarded” label. 

If a user forwards a message multiple times, a grey label mentioning that the message has been forwarded multiple times will appear with the message. The user can then decide whether they want to forward it again or not.

2. Third-party stickers for web


Source: Google images

Users on WhatsApp have been expressing their emotions with stickers for a while now. However, its use was limited to their smartphone users, until now!

WhatsApp is now finally planning to add support to sharing stickers on their web application as well to spruce up how users communicate on the web platform. 

3.  Multi-platform system

Multi platform

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WhatsApp users will now be able to use a single WhatsApp account from multiple platforms. On 30 July, WhatsApp confirmed that it would be bringing in the multi-platform system into the application. 

4. Web app may soon work without your smartphone

WhatsApp Web may no longer need your smartphone connected to the internet in order to use the application. In the next update, WhatsApp Web will soon function as a web platform independent of the smartphone platform.

5. WhatsApp Pay to hit the Indian market 

WhatsApp Pay

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WhatsApp is putting in place the required infrastructure to launch WhatsApp Pay to India’s 400 million Indian user base. Since February 2018, WhatsApp has been running trial runs with about a million users to assess the feasibility of its plan. In July 2019, the messaging giant stated that it would follow all regulatory guidelines for successfully launching its service.

6. Select who can invite you to groups


Source: Google images

In an attempt to prevent fake news from spreading, WhatsApp had earlier this year brought out a feature that allows users to select who can add them to groups. 

7. Dark mode

Dark mode

Source: Google images

We’ve all seen how night mode works for some of our favorite browsers, applications and more. Not only is it a whole lot easier on the eye, but is also an efficient way to save power as well. 

Soon, WhatsApp too soon is joining the category of applications with dark mode, known in WhatsApp as Night mode.

8. QR code

QR code

Source: Google images

WhatsApp is going to make it phenomenally easy for users to add contacts to their list. Users can simply get the QR code with the update, which can then be scanned by others to add them to their WhatsApp contact list.

9. Touch ID for Android

Touch ID

Source: Google images

WhatsApp is planning to increase security for users by offering fingerprint identification for users. On the iOS version, WhatsApp already lets its users log in with Face ID and Touch ID.

10. Interaction-based contact sorting

Interaction-based contact sorting

Source: Google images

WhatsApp will now sort your contacts based on the frequency of interactions you have with them. So, contacts with whom you do not have many interactions will move down the list.

11. Sharing status updates with other apps

sharing status updates

Source: Google images

WhatsApp is currently testing a feature to share status to other applications like Facebook, Instagram and more. It will not be an automatic sharing process but a decision of the user.

12. No more accidentally sending pictures to the wrong contact

WhatsApp has come out with a new feature to save you from the embarrassment of accidentally sending pictures to the wrong contact. Now, as you write a caption, the recipient’s name will be prominently displayed, giving you more control over your content.

13. Ads in WhatsApp Stories

WhatsApp will soon begin to run ads on its stories feature. In the latest Facebook Marketing Summit, the company has announced that the ads will come in 2020.

14. WhatsApp Business App for iOS

WhatsApp Business

Source: Google images

On April 4, WhatsApp announced the worldwide release of WhatsApp Business App for iOS. WhatsApp Business launched for Android in 2018. The WhatsApp application lets small- and mid-sized businesses connect with their customers on WhatsApp.

These are some of the updates WhatsApp has announced so far this year. Let’s wait and see what’s in store for the rest of the year.



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