Mobile Backend as a Service (mBaaS)

28/09/2021 20mins
Shaibana S


Mobile Backend as a Service or mBaaS is the practice of using a service provider to power the backend services – such as business logic and data management – of an app. The mBaaS provider takes care of all the technical infrastructure that is required for an app to work properly.

How does this help App developers? This allows developers to concentrate more on other important aspects of app development especially making their apps better performant, which ensures that it saves a lot of time. You don't have to set up a customized backend – because your provider has already done it for you! This lets you concentrate on your development efforts on the things that matter much, like giving your users an awesome app experience. Also, because it doesn’t require you to know more about what is happening on the server side. Using mBaaS also provides you better scalability.

You can assess your app through your mBaaS provider who can ramp up things behind the curtain to give your app the power and flexibility it needs. Most importantly it helps you with analytics. Because your Mobile Backend as a Service provider is serving the APIs at their end, they’ll have access to all the traffic analytics. Getting to view your API usage is one of the best ways to optimize and improve your app.

mBaaS (Mobile Backend as a Service), also referred to as iBaaS (Backend as a Service) is simply a model that is used by web app developers and mobile application developers as a means to link the applications to the cloud storage in the backend. At the same time, it also allows them to link the applications to the APIs on the backend, while providing various features including integration with social networking applications, push notifications, and user management. Custom software development kits simply referred to as SDKs along with APIs (application programming interfaces) are used to provide these services.


The market shows that corporations, projects, mergers, and acquisitions have been making investments in the BaaS market by means of acquiring utmost management and share of the market along with the expertise. This has been a significant feature uplifting the BaaS market. Other significant driving factors comprise rising acceptance of smartphones and mobile devices, growing several application developers and users all over the world, and the urgent requirement for developing and installing the application at a fast pace. The idea of Bring Your Own Device is picking up prominence and BaaS suppliers have been spending vast amounts of funds in increasing this development.

There are three major features that pretense a test to the expansion of BaaS: the rising struggle within the mobile applications market, apprehensions about performance and safety measures, and vendor choice.

A research report based on Mobile Backend as a Service (BaaS) features information revolving around the software scope, market opportunities, market driving force, key players, market risk, distributors, dealers, technological advancements, traders, and the findings of the research.

The key players that this study covers include Oracle Corporation, Kony, Anypresence, Built.Io, IBM Corporation, Microsoft Corporation, Kinvey, Appcelerator, and Kll Corporation along with many more.

According to the report, Mobile Backend as a Service (mBaaS) focuses on the global market in countries including India, China, Europe, United States, Southeast Asia, Japan, and a lot more.

At the same time, the report divides the market segment by applications into identity and access management, data/application integration, usage analytics, support/maintenance service, and others.

The market segment based on types, on the other hand, covers IOS, Android, and others.


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