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Some latest AI applications

28/09/2021 20mins
Prasobh V Nair


Artificial intelligence technology is gaining a lot of popularity nowadays due to its immense capabilities, and a wide number of applications. In fact, most of the big corporations and businesses are already investing heavily in its research and development.

The latest technologies involving Artificial Intelligence includes speech recognition, machine learning, biometrics, AI-optimised hardware, deep learning, and virtual agents.

There are three different categories that which artificial intelligence experts break it down. These include artificial narrow intelligence, artificial general intelligence, and artificial super intelligence.

Sophia the bot, the popular artificial intelligence humanoid that hit the news all over the globe in 2017, makes use of facial recognition technology and visual data processing.

By using good sensory systems and intelligent algorithms, we can improve the performance of artificial intelligence robots significantly.

In this article, we talk about the major artificial intelligence applications that are emerging quickly. These include:

Virtual assistants

Virtual assistants are software-based agents that provide a range of different services to customers. For instance, Siri, Google Assistant, and Alexa are the most popular AI-based virtual assistants.

Digital marketing

Digital marketing is a field that has brought a lot of revolution in the way modern businesses operate. The amount of information regarding potential customers is growing rapidly. In this regard, artificial intelligence technology can be used to make data-based decisions effectively. For instance, artificial intelligence will make find customers and people based on demographics, interests, and other aspects.

Online searches

Nowadays, searches are no longer performed in the old ways. Search engine optimization and internet searches have revolutionized artificial intelligence through RankBrain (a Google algorithm) and voice search.

Content creation

Content created by artificial intelligence could be used to bring a lot of new visitors on the websites. Such systems will be capable of writing reports, and news based on information and data.

Website designing

Artificial intelligence systems can be used to design websites without the aid of designers and programmers. For instance, applications like Grid are using Artificial Intelligence to design websites. These systems make use of the information that users provide, include call-to-action, text, images, etc. Due to their effectiveness, artificial intelligence systems can greatly enhance a website and make it look highly professional, in a little time period for a smaller cost.


Cybersecurity is the main concern of most people in the digital realm. Virus attacks and malware are very common on the internet. Corporates and government sectors are always under a constant threat of a breach. In this regard, machine learning along with other Artificial Intelligence concepts can be used to protect data. For instance, Artificial intelligence can automate the threat detection process, and combat these threats without the aid of a human user. At the same time, it can also protect passwords and detect authenticity.


Complex computer programs are used in Wall Street, for heavy and big jobs. These programs tend to work on their own. Not long ago, the stock markets went down and there was a loss of about a trillion dollars. Nowadays, financial institutions make use of ANI systems to increase the security and effectiveness of transactions.


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