Top 5 web design trends to watch for this year

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Phani Kumar S VP, Digital Marketing

Ever since the world wide web came into existence a few decades ago it has continuously been subject to improvements, updates and new innovations and that is a trend which is likely to continue for as long as the web is in existence. To match the needs of online users, website developers must constantly devise new, more innovative ideas in order to keep competitive and the combination of these new ideas ensures that users are continuing to get fresh and exciting updates on their usage.

Of course, new technological advances may make a difference to what advancements are made in the areas of web development but barring any new and immediate technologies being introduced her are some of the design trends which are expected to be most used in the coming year.

AI or Robotics

Artificial intelligence is rapidly leaving the realm of science fiction and becoming a growing part of reality and this over the coming year is likely to become far more visible. Robotic technology is now being used in a wide range of fields and web development must reflect that if it is to keep up. Already most people have heard a robotic answering machine or even a robotic customer service response but robotics today is going even further with some apps anticipating what you may ask of it and responding almost before you actually ask. These are the types of innovations which make the difference of people buying one particular app over another.


JavaScript has been in existence for many years now and is perhaps the tool most used by developers today. As this tool continues to improve as new technologies become available, it is anticipated that in this coming year it will still remain the most used tool by developers.

Single Page Application (SPA)

This is a fairly new development which is becoming very popular as it saves time in website response, providing users with a quicker and smarter response to their needs.

Progressive Web App (PWA)

This too is a technology that can help users receive a better response from their online devices but although resulting in similar results as SPA, goes about it in a different way and gives the users an even wider scope to its benefits.

Mobile Friendly Websites

With the ever increasing numbers of people accessing the web via their mobile devices, web site developers must create sites which are mobile friendly if they are to be successful in receiving large numbers of visitors.


With almost every week seeing a new hacking breach somewhere in the world, website developers are being put under more strain to come up with sites which are ‘hacker proof’. As hackers too are updating their knowledge on a continuous basis this is no easy task but those websites which employ the best cybersecurity technology available today, will be the most sought after.

Although these speculated trends could change if a new development becomes available, it is unlikely as any new development introduced this year will probably not be available for practical use till next year.

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Published: Apr 14,2019 01:15:00 PM IST