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Why Use React JS: A Complete Guide


Why Use React JS: A Complete Guide


What is React JS?


React JS is a user-friendly, high performing and popular JavaScript library. It is extremely relevant today and only expected to grow exponentially in usage in the future. React JS is undoubtedly a top choice when it comes to front-end web and mobile development. A few tangible benefits include rich functionality, an array of modern and useful features, ramped up efficiency and flexibility. Whether you are looking at static web sites or dynamic web sites, React JS is a suitable and highly productive development tool globally today. We take a look at why it is such a useful and exciting technology.


History of React JS


The architect of React JS was Jordan Walke, a software developer working for Facebook, the famed social networking behemoth. He developed the platform in 2011 with a vision of enhancing the app development process and to enable a better user experience. A year later Facebook leveraged the technology on Instagram. In 2013, the React JS library was made open source. A couple of years later, Facebook released React JS as a novel and potent cross-platform mobile app development framework.


What is DOM (Document Object Model)?


The DOM represents any particular document with a logical tree. Each object of that document is denoted by a node. Note that the DOM is language independent and has cross-platform characteristics.


Distinguishing Features of React JS


  • Uses Component as Building Blocks

React JS has a typical component-based architecture. The user interface of apps developed using React consists of multiple components. For your information JavaScript is used for the app’s programming logic. Thanks to the modular architecture, coders can relay data across apps without affecting the DOM (Document Object Model). Note that the components have a large role in finalising the app visuals as well as interactions.

  • Leverages Declarative User Interface

React JS is ideal for crafting engaging as well as interactive user interfaces. When data is modified the platform updates only the relevant components. Thanks to React JS, the source code is easier to understand and debug.

  • React Native

This framework acts as a custom renderer for the React JS platform. The former employs native components instead of web components. Knowledge of React JS basics help developers master the React Native framework. The latter is responsible for making React JS code compatible with iOS and Android platforms. Also, it gives access to these platforms’ native functionality.

  • Simple to Use

As React JS is component based the code is fully reusable. The platform employs JSX which is a mix of HTML and the JavaScript programming language. As a result, the code is simple to comprehend and is present relatively less in amount as compared to other contemporary technologies.

  • Apt Use of Conditional Statements

React JS uses JSX (JavaScript Syntax Extension). JSX enables coders to use conditional statements. As per the conditions in the written code, data is displayed in the browser. This enables the application and implementation of real-life scenarios where things happen subject to certain conditions.

  • Vast Repository of Extensions

The platform has numerous extensions that developers can borrow to craft full-fledged mobile and web applications. There exists support for seamless mobile app development and the extremely useful feature of server-side rendering. For your knowledge, React JS is not a complete solution by itself. Hence technologies such as React Native, Flux, Redux and others are also used in unison to develop rich and functional user interfaces.

  • High Performance Driven by Virtual DOM (Document Object Model)

Here, the original DOM is represented in memory by a virtual DOM. Whenever any change is made in the application the virtual DOM is fully updated. Then the changes between the earlier and new version of the virtual DOM is assessed. Only the identified change is made to the real DOM. So, when an event happens to a page, the entire page need not be updated. Only the affected object in the page needs to be updated. This makes the app’s performance superior to similar apps developed in other technologies.

  • One-way Data Binding

This is a valuable feature indeed. React JS has a unidirectional data flow. Data flows from the parent component to child components and not vice versa. The coders do not have the facility to edit any component(s) directly.  React JS leverages Flux (a JavaScript App Architecture) to completely control the data flow from a single point. Developers need to tap the callback feature in order to edit components.


Why Use React JS?


There are numerous reasons to adopt this cutting-edge platform. The development tool is very easy to learn compared to other front-end technologies. React JS makes it a breeze to churn out engaging user interfaces which come with stellar quality. It offers the facility to create custom components as per requirements and preferences. The platform is specifically designed to ramp up developer productivity. React JS provides excellent UX (User Experience) and top-notch performance thanks to quick rendering. The library provides a rich developer toolset making app development both effective and efficient. Apps developed using React JS load in less time making them rank high in major search engine results. Also, the technology has the support of a large and reliable technical community and possesses superior code stability.


A Final Word


This platform lays claim to be one of the most powerful libraries on the web. Thanks to the available features, developers can produce superior single-page web and mobile apps within stipulated deadlines. Interestingly, over 220,000 websites are powered by this platform as of today. This includes big names such as Apple, PayPal and others. As per Stack Overflow, React JS is the global market leader when it comes to frontend development.


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