Your bike, your reflection

The first ride on a bike is always a memorable one and the most memorable if you own it. But at times you may not be able to capture those special moments or give it the attention it deserves. The Incredible App is for them who doesn't want to miss out on those moments and no one would surely want to miss them.

The Need

"Oh, they have become an old fashion,” we say for our old clothes no matter how well we would have washed and taken care of it when it was new. But “He is my Hero” is what we always say for our bike and yet hardly care for it as we care for our short-lived fashion wears. Be it a very old or the latest model bike, it always gives a very proud and happy feeling to own one. However, do you treat your bike with the same importance that you get by owning it? Even in the busy life, they can take care of their bike with the help of Incredible app and the bike users can now give their bikes a royal treatment wash in the count of seconds. Users can book their wash date and time and pick their spotless­shining bike as soon as it gets ready.

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Incredible-Getting Started

Focaloid’s Solution

Working closely with the client, Focaloid builds a Personalized app, which is user-friendly and free to use. The users can start using the app by logging in with a username and password. To make it user-friendly, all the details regarding the bike model and their washing price details is given on the home page. According to the user's specification they can set the time and date. The company ensures the safety of the bike through entering the registration number of the bike through the app. The app also lets the user, rate the performance of a particular service .This will always help new users take decisions.

The Results

"The app was launched in India to find one's perfect match. The app was built with the idea of combining traditional matchmaking with the latest technology. The app enables users to form their own family and friends group to exchange ideas, share opinions and views to find a suitable match through a well-integrated chat platform. The discussion within the family was made easier with the help of the group chat option. The app is very colorful and user-friendly."

Key Features
  • Login: enables users to login using their registered username and password.
  • Prices: showcases the price list with particulars like Bike model and corresponding washing charge.
  • New Order: indicates the page where order is placed. Users can place an order by completing few specific fields like selecting a date and time, typing in the bike model, bike type and registration number.
  • Feedback: enables the company owning the app to get real-time user feedback. After every successful bike wash completion users are requested to provide their rating using the five star rating scale.
About Focaloid®

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