Buddy % Interest

Social Financial Network- Connect, discover, transact with people you trust

Buddy Interest is an easy, fast and smart way to collaborate, fund and share your life events, host social media campaigns with friends and family. Buddy Interest, in short, is all about contributing to the common good of your friends and family and earning a fair share out of it.

The Need

The process of getting a loan from a bank or a financial institution is not an easy task to do the time spend on form filling, verification process, waiting for the day of approval and the physical trip to bank branches during working hours. Buddy Interest is an absolutely free platform to borrow funds at buddy interest rates

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Focaloid’s Solution

Working closely with the client Focaloid brought a solution for client requirement Buddy % Interest is easy. a fast and smart way to connect with your buddies for funding, sharing your life events and social campaigns.

The Results

Buddy Interest website helps users to lend money in an easy, fast and smart way with their friends and family. It is absolutely a free platform to borrow funds at buddy interest rates (0-12% p.a), invest money if you've got some tucked away, or simply create "interest-free" social campaigns.

Key Features
  • Flexi: interest rates, tenure and amount: ​enables users around the world to raise any amount for their campaigns, choose their own Interest rates anything between 0­12% p.a; choose their tenure in days, months and years. Users can also pay back in equated monthly instalments(EMI) starting from 2 months.
  • No processing fee: t​he service is absolutely free.
  • No credit checks/No documentation: s​ince users only deal with friends and family they trust, they pretty well know the person’s credibility.
  • Campaigns: ​helps users to create social, financial or funding campaigns in a quick and easy way. Once users create their campaign, they can notify friends about it and then publish to the world or to a select group.
  • Raise awareness and funds: ​enables institutional/individual users to raise money or donations in kind (material) and time for a social cause. Users can reach out to people for their time or collect donor contributions such as food and clothing and create popular campaigns requesting people their pledges.
  • CSR Support: ​enables corporate users to create campaigns for their employee initiatives and raise funds or pledge for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Place the Buddy interest logo on the company website and let all visitors know and extend their support for company causes.
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