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Smarter Marketing CMO

The best way to predict uncertainty is to develop certainty and clarity in your marketing analytics.To reach out to the rght audience is very important for the marketing activities of a company. IBM cmo app helps achieve that. It enables the company focus on the latest and most effective market trends.

The Need

Every company will have a strategy to market their products. It is important for every company to reach the people.But it is hard for a company to stay up to date about the market trend. Marketing takes place in the right manner if they know the present trends. The issues faced by a customer is very important and this will turn automatically to the trends in markets. The CMO App helps quick access to relevant market updates and facts for simplified solutions to your complex marketing problems. Problems like understanding your customer and handling social media marketing, that reduce the effectiveness of your solution is smartly handled by this CMO friendly app.

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Focaloid’s Solution

We worked with IBM to develop mobile solutions to help their sales force to gain product knowledge and aid in the sales process. The interactive application was designed to be a virtual assistant for the salesperson providing valuable insights and real-time updates. It helped the company to be more focused on the marketing field. There are multiple categories to know more about the customers. There is an option called solution finder which helps the user to identify the market challenges faced by the company. The responses of the customers can be gathered from the feedback option. The app helped the company to stay connected to customers.

The Results

The IBM CMO app is exclusively for the company. It has helped IBM to know more about their customers and the trends in the market. The app has been very helpful to the sales team.

IBM- SOcial Media Analysts
Key Features
  • User Management – helps manage user profile details and password management.
  • Categories – Understanding the customer, Driving engagement, Linking Brand and Culture and Solution Finder.
  • Understanding the customer – helps the user with Customer analysis, Social media analytics and Big Data platform options, to better understand their customers and proactively manage customer experience with advanced analytics.
  • Solution Finder – helps in identifying your marketing challenge-area and accordingly finding simple solutions to individual user-specified problems.
  • Poll and Feedback option – drives the user-engagement and helps gather responses directly from the app.
About Focaloid®

Focaloid is a digital solutions company that focuses on developing reliable, innovative and economical technology solutions. Broadly our services include Enterprise, Mobile, Web, Cloud Solutions. Our goal is to help businesses grow, transform and achieve their business objectives. We specialise in Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data, Wearable Technologies.