Meet JUMP, an A.I based mobile platform that helps students identify and achieve their aspirations while becoming the best versions of themselves.

Identifying talents and skills and leading children in the right direction to realise their ambitions is not an easy task. JUMP application has been developed to help students plan their future in accordance with their ambitions and talent, along with other like-minded students. It helps them top in their academics , develop their personality and shape their career.

The Need

The main purpose of JUMP application is to help students, in the USA, know their ambitions, aspirations, goals by connecting with other like-minded students and in finding out opportunities to enhance their academics, career, personality by sharing content and knowledge.The client’s requirement was to develop a unique mobile application that serves as a one stop solution facilitating students to enhance their personal & professional skills, finding right opportunities, scholarships by connecting with other users in order to walk into a bright future.

This application offers multifarious features that support and guide the students of all kinds. Our client was in search of professionals who can understand and analyse this concept and can deliver the best mobile application until they found Focaloid.

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Focaloid’s Solution

Having taken up the challenge to build this complex mobile application with various features, Focaloid has developed an accessible, amiable, affable and invincible application that caters to all kinds of students aspiring to acheive their goals and ambitionsfor a great future. The JUMP App is very interesting with its mobile screens , ease of functionality and performance.

The Results

When the app was launched it helped a lot of students to reach out to others who had the same ambition or goal. It made the journey of the students much closer to their goal. The app acted as a platform for the students to decide their career. As the students could connect to other students who had the same interest, so combined their efforts they could get a good result.

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Key Features
  • Jump DNA: Provides an unprecedented opportunity to recreate yourself, DNA evolves with each action completed and mature DNA profiles can be leveraged to gain visibility of recruiters, mentors, Jump mates and other influencers.
  • Jump Guide: A chatbot engages you in conversation and use those insights to provide tailored resources, opportunities and accountability to achieve what you desire - Helps you in building your DNA. This is an AI (Artificial Intelligence) based bot with NLP (Natural Language Processing) capabilities and responds to the users’ queries and recommend resources for the users.
  • Jump Mates: Find people with similar aspirations and help each other in achieving greatness together.Self Discovery Bot:Understands the nature of the User and collaborate you to the respective users.Aspiration Bot:Analyzes the type of the resources and user expectations for achieving his/her aspirations.Classroom
  • Scheduling: Create group for classmates and share necessary articles and thoughts.Applozic chat:For chat and group chat with other users.
About Focaloid®

Focaloid is a digital solutions company that focuses on developing reliable, innovative and economical technology solutions. Broadly our services include Enterprise, Mobile, Web, Cloud Solutions. Our goal is to help businesses grow, transform and achieve their business objectives. We specialise in Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data, Wearable Technologies.