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Loyalie, The Digital Wallet of Loyalty Cards

The Loyalie app was conceived after team Loyalie identified the need for encouraging and rewarding loyal customers to enhance customer retention.

The Need

All of us admire the dignity of being noticed and rewarded as regular customers at our favourite joints. The Loyalie team however noticed that the faithful customers are not getting any returns for their loyalty, while many of the consumers abandon the loyalty rewards as they grow weary waiting for reward points to get piled up. The team identified the need for encouraging and rewarding the loyal customers to enhance customer retention. It was then the idea of Loyalie app was conceived.

Revamping the age old concept of fat wallets with physical loyalty cards peeping out, with a more organized and digitized version of loyalty cards is what they arrived at! They envisioned an app that foster Consumer-Producer relationships. Loyalie crew, rather the tech-savvy customers worked on developing a “Digital Wallet of Loyalty Cards” that soothe the process of getting rewarded simpler.

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Focaloid’s Solution

When Akhil Saraf, the CEO & Founder of Loyalie approached Focaloid with the intention of a Digital Wallet, we applauded his ingenious thought. We reviewed how the traditional reward programs work and identified workarounds that would help consumers and merchants gain the real benefits from loyalty programs and manage their loyalty cards hassle-free.

We deployed our team to work on two apps:

The Loyalty Card App for the Consumers

Focaloid team worked on digitizing the loyalty cards issued to the consumers who frequent restaurants, health club, professional services etc. in a single app, that helps users access all the information regarding the loyalty programs and save them in their smartphone. The app functioning is confined to an effortless three step process: Scanning the QR code, Entering the OTP / One Time Password and Receiving the Stamp. It took 704 man-hours to design and develop the client’s new mobile app. The app is supported on Android and iOS platforms.

In September 2015, Loyalie launched "Loyalie - Loyalty Card App", the first ever digital loyalty card & rewards portal to tap the Kolkata market. Due to its digitized nature, the app received a widespread popularity all over India.

The app displays the loyalty programs of all those outlets where you’ve been a familiar face. Each time the consumer makes a visit, they can scan a QR code and enter the OTP (one time password) provided by merchants and earn stamps. This will record in the app the number of transactions under each store, thus giving the user clear-cut idea on what rewards to expect upon certain visits to the merchant. Customers can redeem these stamps and grab discounts at their favourite places.

Loyalie Merchant App for the Merchants

The Loyalie Merchant app is designed to ensure that the merchants are always connected to their loyal customers. The app simplifies merchant’s loyalty operations and gain impeccable insights on customer footfall. Merchants can decide to award discounts and freebies to loyal customers through their app. They can also stamp each customer’s visit when they request through their Consumer app.

It took 176 man-hours to design and develop Loyalie merchant app, accomplishing the successful launch in April 2016. The app is supported on Android and iOS platforms.


The Results

Discover a whole world of development options with Focaloid.

  • In less than a year, Loyalie got 7,000 registered users and over 110 merchant partners including the Harley-Davidson, Supreme Motors, Hotel Casa Fortuna and Shilpa Shetty's salon and spa chain Losis.
  • Loyalie presently is in 150 stores in 3 cities, Kolkata, Hyderabad and Bengaluru
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The Big Takeaways

Discover a whole world of development options with Focaloid.

  • Innovative and novel “design-thinking” can resolve a widespread user-experience problem
  • An effective Retention Marketing Strategy dramatically improves the brand success rate
  • Complex business procedures should be broken down into simple user experiences
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