A smart Way to Hassle Free Parking

Waiting time is equal to wasting time especially when you have smart ways to eliminate waiting time. Most people these days think twice and thrice before they plan to go out with their car. This is not due to lack of parking lots but because of the lack of direction to the free parking lots. Proper guidance and the ­booking of available parking slots would surely make outings more fun and hassle­free. Plonk app lets users select a venue and confirm their parking area before they even start towards the intended venue. With the PayTm wallet facility, payment of parking fees is made more convenient.

The Need

Finding a parking space is a major problem in Urban India. Driving through the metro and hoping for a parking slot is a nightmare. “The fear of not being able to find a parking lot in central Bangalore was a big limitation that hampered the quality of life,” says Arjun Jairaj, the CEO and Balram Jairaj, the COO of MappMakersTech who are the brain behind the Plonk app. “We could no longer find a parking space anywhere close to where we wanted to go. And that was frustrating”, the duo exclaimed.Together with John Seemon the CTO of Plonk, the brothers worked on developing a solution to Bangalore’s parking woes.

Their idea was to make use of the 'unorthodox' real estate spaces like individual houses, empty plots, churches and apartments apart from the usual parking lots and malls, as temporary pay & park facilities and help the public save time, spent in searching for parking spaces. Plonk, is the realisation of this idea, providing a visual indicator of the available parking spaces near you.

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Focaloid’s Solution

When these ingenious minds approached Focaloid with the dream of redesigning the existing real estate in the city, we took up the challenge and kicked off the Plonk app development process. Our team worked with the Plonk team and took 3200 man-hours from design inception to the final product. PLONK allows owners and tenants with urban parking spaces to list their space for paid use, whenever they are free. The app gives users freedom from your desperate hunt for parking space, with just a click. The collaboration with the Plonk crew was the key to successfully building the Plonk app. Plonk gives the real-time update on what slots are being taken and what’s available.


The Results

"When launched, the app service was available in Bengaluru alone, which after receiving mass appreciation was expanded to Hyderabad and Mumbai Within two weeks of its launch, the startup could make available 1000 parking spots in Bengaluru.The app has close to 400 users on android and around 300 on iOS."

Key Features
  • We created custom UI designs that enfold the best practices and unique capabilities of each platform. Creating user-centered designs gave the Android and iOS users the sensational experience as they expected.
  • The Plonk app was built with solid UX strategy that helped the client to set their presence in the market firmly, with a robust and stable app.
  • Our developers worked on implementing a responsive and real-time design, that updates the Plonk users the availability of nearby slots, thereby giving a realistic app experience. The app server-side accept responses from the slot owners regarding the space availability and send the data to the Plonk user when they search for suitable parking spots.
  • In plonk app, the server fixes user's current location coordinates (latitude and longitude). Using the Distance Calculating algorithm and other criterias (slot time, availability, fare etc) the server fetches all the parking spaces within 50km circle of the user and are pinned right on the Plonk map, that allows users to find the parking slots nearby easily.
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