Mobile solutions for Varroc International.

The Varroc app has been exclusively developed for Varroc International, to monitor and supervise the company activities .The tool has been helping the team keep a clear track of order and sales related activities .

The Need

The world is turning into a digital process.It is important for a company to keep track about their work and contact their clients.Varroc International is a well known international brand name in the automotive industry. They venture into manufacturing and selling automobile spare parts and other accessories. As its a huge company with alot of employees,it is diffcult to stay connected.When the company approached Focaloid,we created an app exclusively to monitor and supervise the company orders and sales lead to the development of this particular mobile solution. Its a very useful tool for both sales executives as well as managers to keep clear track of order and sales details.

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Varroc-Dealer Home

Focaloid’s Solution

Working closely with the client, Focaloid has built a Personalized App.The app can be used by the dealers,sales executives and managers to keep track of the projects they do.The App helps bring clarity to the communication taking place between the dealers and the company.Varroc app is developed in a way that people get all the details required from the app. It helps dealers place orders , executives track the orders and helps managers get an overview of the sales reports, collection reports, sales executives list and view the customer directory. The app is very user friendly and helps improve the overall performance of the company.

The Results

The App helped the company in a substantial way. It helped managers monitor the performance of sales executives and boost ultimate sales. Managers can easily view and analyse the sales and collection reports on the go.The activities were updated with no delay in the delivery of any orders.

Varroc-Dealer Sales Executive List
Key Features
  • Sections – Dealers, Sales Executives and Manager. Dealer Home – helps dealers to directly place order and even view their order history.
  • Sales Executive Home – enables sales force in the field to place orders immediately and record all details without fail into the system accurately.
  • Manager Home – includes dashboard, sales report, collection reports, sales executives list and customer dictionary.
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