A perfect life partner search app

Wedviser is an App developed for people who wants to find their perfect life partner. The App is very interactive , user-friendly and is well organised. It helps users find the perfect life partner.

The Need

Our client was looking to develop an exclusive mobile application for life partner search with flexible and user friendly features and to keep the entire process simple. Search results needed to be very apt, specific and guidable for the user.Colour combinations and user interface must be appealing and should provide a better experience in comparison to the other matrimony applications that are available in the market.

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Focaloid’s Solution

Having understood the client’s need andthe existence of similar applications in the market, we have employed a completely different approach and strategy in building the splendid Wedviser app. All the screens that appear in the application are professionally crafted and serve the real purpose to the user. Colour combinations are very pleasant to the eye. Known for its immense experience in designing and crafting mobile applications, Focaloid is definitely a great resource.

The Results

"The app was launched in India to find one's perfect match. The app was built with the idea of combining traditional matchmaking with the latest technology. The app enables users to form their own family and friends group to exchange ideas, share opinions and views to find a suitable match through a well-integrated chat platform. The discussion within the family was made easier with the help of the group chat option. The app is very colorful and user-friendly."

Key Features
  • Build Network: Users can add their family/friends/contacts to Wedviser by adding or inviting them. When a user allows Wedviser to add contacts then the user will get a list on their phone where they can view those contacts .
  • Managing Roles:Users can have multiple roles in Wedviser. They can be either the person seeking a partner or can be an adviser to others. They have the option to switch roles accordingly.
  • Network Map:Users will be able to view other user profiles and view the network map for those profiles. This will help the user know the degree of separation between the users. It is also helps a user to check out the other user’s profile and see whether their advisers are connected to that user.
  • Chat (Applozic chat):Users have the provision to chat with other users and the advisers who are connected to them. Also, users can start individual or group chats.They can view/delete their chat history. Users will receive chat requests and they have the provision to accept/reject it.
  • Matches:When a user registers and provides his/her details and builds their network, they will see the welcome screen with their default matching profiles. These profiles are developed by Wedviser based on the details entered by the user. A user also has the option to set their partner preferences based on which their matches will be generated. The User can also sort and filter their matches.
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