Spa and Saloon Booking

The Spa & Salon App helps the business owners easily list their services in the app. The business owner can specify all the required details such as service name, price, duration etc. And the quick advance booking feature enables the customers to easily book for your Spa & Salon service and reach the venue exactly during their allotted time to enjoy a waiting-free service.

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How it Works
On successful registration by providing required details, a user is confirmed by the Admin as a registered user with personal e-mail and password. Then users can easily sign in using their registered email address and password.
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Service Listing Smart Service Listing

The services offered is clearly listed in the app. Details specified include service name, price, duration, etc. To enable easy searching and booking, all the services are listed under corresponding category heads.

Quick Booking Quick Booking

Everybody run short of time and so enjoy services that eliminate all possible waiting times. The quick booking in our app enables your customers to easily book for your service and reach the venue exactly during their allotted time to enjoy waiting-free service.

Offers via Notifications Offers via Notifications

Offers on Spa, Saloon, etc., are always special and much awaited by all customers. Communicating offers via notifications help promote the offers in better and faster way and as well help track the response towards offers.

Booking Status Booking Status

Help users to learn immediately if their booking was successful or not. Upon successful booking the status would be displayed as confirmed and if not successful, the status would be rejected.

Userfriendly & In-sync Userfriendly & In-sync

This app includes all features to direct user and nothing to distract them. All general features are key features to enhance user experience. Moreover, use of the sync functionality enable successful syncing and storing of all informations.

Configurable Configurable

This app is easily configurable. We can easily customize it to suit the requirements of your brand and provide you a very effective, economic and exclusive mobile app. From dashboard to design of the final app will support and promote your brand.

App Features
01 List of Services

Displays all the services that can be availed by users. In this case you can list down all services provided by your Spa or Saloon under categories. The services you offer can be elegantly listed down with their corresponding prices.

02 Service Page

It is displayed on clicking on a particular Spa or Saloon service. This page gives a brief explanation about the service selected, its duration/available hours, total rate and option to book it.

03 Pricing List

Clearly displays the prices of each service offered. Any change in pricing by the Admin is automatically updated and users can see it immediately.

04 Book a Slot

Enable users to book their convenient time from a drop down and drive-in to enjoy the service during the slot booked. Users just need to select their convenient service and just select the available time slot thus saving time of both the parties involved in the service i.e. service provider and service beneficiary (user).

05 Smart Payment

No need to undergo any more mess of handling a handbag, searching for coins and gathering every penny you have to pay for your bill. Use the app and smartly pay the exact bill amount using Debit/Credit card, Net Banking, PayPal, etc.

06 Track Booking Status

This status tracker notifies users immediately incase of delay in service booked or time changes in booking, if any. Thus, users can effectively manage their time and enjoy services booked without any delays on arrival.

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Backend Admin Features

Gives a good brief about your business that you can quickly refer on the go. It provides valid data for important fields like total bookings weekly/monthly basis, total satisfied users and data on relevant widgets you add.