ERP Solutions
Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Solutions

ERP solutions are designed to integrate core business processes into a single system. The new-age ERP systems enables businesses to make data-driven decisions,streamline processes, improve productivity, increase efficiencies and decrease costs.

ERP Solutions
ERP Solutions for your Business

Whether your business is large or small, there are several advantages of implementing Enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions. The solutions have been helping businesses to achieve their objectives and goals for a number of years. ERP systems are one-stop solution for complete business management.Core business areas can be effectively managed using a single platform. ERP solutions make it easier to track the workflow and products physical or digital across various departments. Another attribute is that ERP solutions are designed to meet the specific needs of different types of organization.Improved efficiency,productivity, reduced operational costs, enhanced business growth are some other significant attributes of ERP systems.

Our ERP Implementation framework.
Background Analysis
  • ERP implementation primarily requires changes in existing business processes and clear understanding of the key performance indexes of your business is vital to the successful implementation and functioning of ERP. So in order to enhance the understanding of the processes in the organisation a thorough background study of the organisation, its objectives, link between current processes followed and organisation objectives, automated solutions functioning in the organisation, etc, is carried out.
Alignment setting
  • Background analysis help better understand the organisation system and identify opportunities for process modernisation. Thus, in the alignment setting stage, a better assessment of the alignment of current processes with those provided by the ERP system is done. The alignment assessment helps in implementing the most effective solution.
Solution Design
  • This stage focuses on outlining the most suitable ERP solution based on the detailed study of the enterprise and possible alternative alignment options. It targets on enhancing the enterprise key performance processes and other processes to integrate the various departmental efforts towards achieving the common organisational goal.
Analytics Application
  • This step focuses on quantifying the data loaded ERP System and help users draw better and clear material informations through simple patterns.
Dashboard Setup
  • Once the implementation is completed, the dashboard is set up to view all key process and progress indicators.
ERP System
Basic Modules of ERP system
  • Human Resource
  • Product Planning
  • Inventory Management
  • Materials Acquisition
  • Production Planning
  • Engineering/ Production
  • Product or Service Delivery
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Shipping and Payment
  • Finance and Accounting
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